#IamandIwill, the 2021 World Cancer Day Slogan, is an enduring reminder about humanity's fight against the scourge that is cancer. It's no secret that cancer is a devastating problem around the world. Claiming the lives of almost ten million people each year, more than HIV/AIDs, malaria and tuberculosis combined, it is estimated that by 2030 this number will have surpassed the 13million mark and causing untold emotional and physical pain to many more. Oral cancers are among the top 10 most prevalent cancers, affecting more middle aged men than women. Tobacco and alcohol are the biggest known predisposing factors with their combined use increasing the chances of having the disease. As doctors we may not have a quick fix but there are things we can do to help create a more positive future. The biggest weapon at our disposal is health education to our patients and fellow countrymen.

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