The association begun as East Africa Dental Association and was changed to Kenya Dental Association on 28 th November 1975. It was founded with the objective of promoting the advancement of dental Practice in Kenya. It has also acted as a as a welfare organ for dental practitioners as well as one of the key promoters of oral health awareness in the country.

Organisation structure

Strategic Priorities and Objectives

KDA will address each of the strategic issues identified, in chapter 4 by focusing on them as key Strategic priority for the years 2019 to 2023. Hence, the Identified issues forms the strategic priorities for the association. The strategic objectives below provide a link between the strategic issues listed above and the strategies that KDA will employ in order to attain her vision and mission. Consequently, for the period 2019-2023, the Association will work towards achieving the set objectives through pursuing the identified strategies.


To retain the current membership while growing the membership by a minimum of 40 new members annually.

Strategic Objective 1
  • Complete the database of all current and potential members
  • Annual Membership subscriptions to be mailed by end of November of every year.
  • Prepare a monthly membership drive schedule and implement it.
  • Have a personal follow-up and quarterly branch visits by the NEC & NGC.
  • Review & reinvigorate membership benefits.
  • Develop an engaging and robust program for all members.
  • Develop a comprehensive mechanism to increase member’s participation in KDA’s activities.

Financial Stewardship

To be good steward of the Associations Funds by complying with all the statutory requirements.

Strategic Objective 2
  • Initiate the association’s budgeting cycle effective 2019.
  • Initiate and empower NGC’s Investment committee.
  • Ensure Financial Statutory compliance.
  • Explore and implement branch funding matrix to enable them run with their own cash flows.

Sustainable Investments

To initiate and grow profitable and sustainable investment ventures that contribute financially to our vision and mission

Strategic Objective 3
  • Operationalize KDA holding/investment arm.
  • Identify & invest in key sectors that supports KDA’s Mission.
  • Pursue strategic investment partnerships.

Service Delivery

To promote an efficient and effective secretariat that enables quick, smooth and robust services to KDA.

Strategic Objective 4
  • Define the secretariat mandate, structure and work charter.
  • Review & Implement a robust HR management Policy, Performance Management cycle, process and procedure.
  • Optimize research and development capability to enable KDA attract, retain and utilize relevant internal and external growth opportunities.
  • Establish Effective Members communication systems utilizing all channels and platforms.

Governance and Leadership

To promote an efficient and effective governance and administration system that provides transformational and accountable Leadership and governance to the Association.

Strategic Objective 5
  • Implement the Association’s reviewed Constitution.
  • Establish and implement a monitoring and Evaluation team at the NGC level to oversee the implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Empower NGC on Professional Corporate Governance practices.
  • Annually Conduct a Risk, Legal and compliance audit.