2020: Annus Horriblis

A bad year for the dental fraternity in Kenya. Highest number of dentists lost in the history of the association. We lost them due to illness, accidents and the omnipresent COVID-19.

The year 2020 will go down as one of the toughest and saddest for the dental fraternity. We lost 6 dentists in total. It began with us losing our beloved lecturer and mentor, Dr. David Awange to illness at the beginning of the year. Then we lost the amicable Dr. Alphonse Ogada to a grisly road accident. Covid-19 went on to deny us the lives of our indefatigable and steadfast Chairman of the Scientific Committee Dr. Hudson Alumera. It also took our long serving member of the association Dr. Nira Patel. As the year was closing to an end it completed its hat trick and denied us the effervescent Dr. Andrew Njuguna. We will not miss 2020, but we shall forever miss our fallen heroes.

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