Minimally Invasive, Direct Adhesive Dentistry

28 Feb 2023, 7 a.m.

Dr. Tim Theuri, President, Kenya Dental Association

7 credits


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  • Dr Fabio Fowler

    Dental Surgeon, University of Sao Paulo ;Master of Business Administration (MBA), Marriott School of Business


This presentation will cover a comprehensive overview of science-based Adhesive Restorative Dentistry ranging from principles of Dental Bonding, material and shade selection, considerations related to direct composite restorations, and fundamentals of light curing. These concepts will be shown in a logical way in order to help you improve the quality and success rate of your restorations. The following topics will be covered: o Optical properties of the tooth o Shade selection tips o Desirable properties of dental composites o Use of accessories to help recreate dental anatomy o Guidelines for an ideal curing technique

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