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The Kenya Dental Association has entered into partnership with the FDI World Dental Federation and Unilever Global to provide Oral Health Education and treatment since 2006. The project dubbed LLL (Live Laugh Learn) aims at reaching out to children with oral health education and intervention
In 2006 to 2010 the project saw children from Nairobi, Central, Eastern, Rift valley and Coast provinces benefiting from free oral health treatment done in children homes.
Phase II of this project now involves school-going children from urban poor in Nairobi City Council Schools.
The objectives of this project are;

  • Promotion of oral hygiene practices among 6-8years school going children in urban and peri- urban schools
  • Impart knowledge and practice of day and night brushing with fluoridated tooth paste
  • Provide continuous oral health education through monitoring of oral health status, diet and caries experience measured by dmfs

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